Quick Start Guide - Account Takeover Prevention Application

Setup Docker and RTS

  1. Setup docker daemon host (preferably same as gateway machine). This supplies the docker images for Online Analytics Service, OAS Dashboards Service that is a customized implementation of Apache Superset and CEP Workbench that is a customized Drools Workbench implementation.

  2. Install rts 3.10 bin. In the installation wizard, specify the docker location.

Launching Account Takeover Prevention Application

  1. Import the Account Takeover Prevention Application from the AppFactory.

  2. In the DataTorrent Account Takeover Prevention Application box, click import.

  3. Download the package, after DataTorrent Account Take Over Prevention Application package is imported.

    i. Navigate to Develop > Application Package > DataTorrent Account TakeOver Prevention Application.

    ii. Click launch drop-down and select download package.

  4. Get the Geolite Maxmind Database (Use Hadoop user or user that has access to Hadoop). Getting the Geolite Maxmind Database using Bash:

     url http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLite2-City.tar.gz -o GeoLite2-City.tar.gz
     tar -zxvf GeoLite2-City.tar.gz 
     hdfs dfs put GeoLite2-City*/GeoLite2-City.mmdb city.mmdb
  5. Generate test lookup data which will be used by the enrichment operators in the DAG. Use Hadoop user or user that has access to Hadoop to run following commands. Generating sample lookup data using Bash:

     mkdir ato_package
     cd ato_package
     unzip ../dt-ato-prevention-application-1.4.0.apa 
     java -cp app/*:lib/*:`hadoop classpath` com.datatorrent.ato.userActivityGenerator.DumpLookupData ato_lookupdata
  6. Create configuration for ATO.

    i. Navigate to Develop > ApplicationPackages > + new configuration

    ii. Click create.

  7. Enter the Required Properties.

  8. Configure the CEP Workbench Service.

    i. On the configuration page, scroll down.

    ii. Select the drools-workbench and click configure.

    iii. Click save after specifying the configuration. Note: Ensure that the Proxy Address is set correctly.

  9. Configure Online Analytics Services.

    i. Select the ato-online-analytics-service and click configure.

    ii. Click save after the configuration is set correctly.

Note: Make sure KafkaBrokers and the KafkaTopic are set correctly.

  1. Configure OAS Dashboards.

    i. Select superset-ato and click configure.

    ii. Click save after the configuration is set correctly. Note : Make sure to set correct druid_cluster IP and the Proxy Address.

  2. Configure the Dashboards.

    i. Click configure.

    ii. From the Select Replacement Applications drop down, select the correct configuration name for both the Dashboards.

    iii. Click Save.

  3. Save the complete configuration.

Launch Test Data Generator Application

  1. Create new configuration for the UserActivityGenerator.

  2. Go to Develop > Application Packages > + new configuration.

  3. Add Optional Properties.

    i. In Optional Properties, click +add to add Optional Properties. Note: Kafka topic of the DataGenerator should be same as the Transaction Receiver topic of the Omni Channel Fraud Prevention Application.

    ii. Click save.

    iii. Click launch to launch the Data Generator.