Online Analytics Service (OAS)

Online Analytics Service (OAS) is an Apex application that is delivered as a service in some of the DataTorrent RTS applications. An example of one such application is Omni Channel Fraud Prevention Application. OAS is a Druid based application that supports querying in real-time on data streams that are populated by a source application such as Omni Channel Fraud Prevention Application.

OAS is integrated with the OAS Dashboards Service which is a DataTorrent RTS Service that has been built using Apache Superset. The OAS provides the powerful query engine in the backend for the OAS Dashboards Service which enables impressive visualization on the front-end for any application on the DataTorrent RTS platform. Both OAS and OAS Dashboards are components of a complete end-to-end Data Analytics solution for actionable insights into real-time data flowing through a DataTorrent RTS application pipeline.

OAS is available only with the DT Premium license.

Workflow of OAS

The following image depicts the workflow of OAS.

  • OAS is enabled to stream-in data from Apache Kafka. Any datasource can send the applicable data for analysis into a Kafka topic.
  • The Online Analytics Service takes this real-time data-feed from Apache Kafka, computes and aggregates to generate derived data, and makes it ready for querying.
  • OAS Dashboards service performs queries on OAS in real time using REST APIs via the DT gateway.

OAS can be specified as a required service for an application and managed from the Services page.

Packaging OAS

Refer to Packaging Services for more details.

Managing OAS Service

Refer to Managing Services for more details.