Running Demo Applications

DataTorrent RTS includes a number of demo applications and they are available for import from the AppFactory section of the DataTorrent management console.

Importing Demo Applications

  1. Navigate to AppFactory section of the DataTorrent console.
  2. Select the list view in the top right corner of the page, choose one of the available packages such as Pi Demo and click the Import button.
  3. Imported application packages and included applications will be listed under Develop > Application Packages page.

Launching Demo Applications

Once imported, applications can be launched with a single click. Note: Ensure Hadoop YARN and HDFS services are active and ready by checking for errors in the DataTorrent console before launching demo applications.

  1. Navigate to Launch, and select one of the imported demo packages. In this example, we will be using the PiDemo application package.

  2. From the list of available applications, locate PiDemo and click the launch button.

  3. Click Launch on the confirmation modal.

  4. Once launched, view the running application by following the link provided in the notification, or by navigating to the Monitor page and selecting the launched application.

More information about using DataTorrent console is available in dtManage Guide

Configuring Launch Parameters

Some applications may require additional configuration changes prior to launching. Configuration changes can be made on the launch screen or manually applied to ~/.dt/dt-site.xml configuration file. These typically include adding Twitter API keys for Twitter Demo, or changing performance settings for larger applications.

  1. Navigate to AppFactory in DataTorrent console. In this example, we will use the Twitter Demo application package. Click the Import button.

  2. Retrieve Twitter API access information by registering for a Twitter Developer account, creating a new Twitter Application, and navigating to the Keys and Access Tokens tab. The Twitter Demo application requires the following to be specified by the user:

    • dt.operator.TweetSampler.accessToken
    • dt.operator.TweetSampler.accessTokenSecret
    • dt.operator.TweetSampler.consumerKey
    • dt.operator.TweetSampler.consumerSecret
  3. Navigate to Launch (or Develop > Application Packages). From the list of Applications, select TwitterDemo and press the corresponding launch button. When the launch modal appears, press the Configure button.

  4. Input the Twitter keys and access tokens in the Required Properties section, then press the save button. The keys and access tokens are now saved within a new application configuration.

    Note: Application configurations can be found in the Launch page in the Configurations tab, or in Develop > Application Configurations.

  5. Press the launch button to launch the Application Configuration.

  6. Once launched, view the running application by following the link provided in the launch confirmation dialog, or by navigating to the Monitor section of the console and selecting the launched application.

  7. View the top 10 tweeted hashtags in real time by generating and viewing the dashboard.

Stopping Applications

Applications can be shut down or killed from the Monitor section of dtManage by selecting application from the list and clicking shutdown or kill buttons.